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The arrival of smartphones has created an increasing amount of dishonesty amongst their users. Individuals use these gadgets for hiding something or the other from their parents, employers, or spouses. Kids are by nature inquisitive. Can you imagine the consequences if your child, by clicking a popup on his smartphone display is directed to an adult site?

Nurturing Kids

Not all employees are honest and some of them try to earn extra money by passing on your secret documents to your competitors. You can now track their mobile activity with the help of XNSPY spy application. A good spy application, apart from running invisibly in the background should be able to:
• Record calls
• Track phones
• Have GPS tracker
• Support both Android and iOS platforms
• Have browser tracker
• Offer remote monitoring
• Track instant messages
• Track activities on social network
• Remote screenshots
• Remote data wipe

The good news is that XNSPY has all these features and more. Available in two flavors… XNSPY Android and XNSPY iPhone, it supports tracking of smartphones of both operating systems. The popularity of this spy app is such that you will find XNSPY reviews at the top of mobile phone spy applications. This review is for those who have no idea about spy apps. It can monitor the target phone and has several modules such as:
• Facebook
• Whatsapp
• Snapchat

Although the vendor does not provide a demo version, you can check all its features through an online XNSPY demo that simulates the actual program. Unlike many other spy apps, this one is available for both popular operating systems. Therefore, you can subscribe and use the app for Android as well as for iPhone. The installation process is different for Android and for iOS.

The XNSPY cost for the basic edition is $99.99 per annum and the XNSPY price for the premium version, which contains many more features, works out to $149.99 annually. You first need to pay for the subscription before you can download the app on the target phone. You have to change the security settings on Android-based mobiles to install the full version. Use the mobile’s browser to navigate to XNSPY’s website, and click on the application’s download icon for XNSPY download and installation.


The iOS Version is Equally Powerful

If you harbor any doubts about the iOS version of XNSPY, read online reviews. After reading the iPhone reviews, you will be pleased to learn that it is as efficient as its Android counterpart is. While the previous versions required jailbreak of the target phone, the latest avatar… the XNSPY no jailbreak does not require you to jailbreak the target iPhone.

The premium version has many features that the basic version does not. Here is a list of some of those features available on both operating systems:
• Watchlist contacts
• Watchlist words for SMS
• WhatsApp chats
• Viber calls and messages
• Skype calls, messages, and contacts
• Instagram pictures
• Line messages
• Tinder messages
• Watchlist email addresses
• Calendar activities and appointments

Start keeping an invisible eye on the smartphone activities of your employees and kids today with the help of XNSPY. Download and install XNSPY today on their mobiles.

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