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Thanks to the high-speed mobile networks and the falling costs of smartphones, more and more teenagers are using the same for surfing the net while on the move. Office workers too depend on such phones for communicating with their colleagues and boss. However, there is a negative side to such phones. Teenagers, often misguided by their friends, visit sites they should not.

Are you sure that one of your office staff is not taking photographs of sensitive documents and passing them on to your rivals? You can track the actions of your staff and kids on their mobile in real-time with the help of XNSPY, the best mobile spy app.


Selecting the Correct Platform

You have to select the operating system of the target mobile before subscribing to XNSPY. For Android-based smartphones, you need XNSPY Android and for Apple mobiles, you need XNSPY iPhone. Those who have doubts about the capability of this spy application should read reviews on the site of the vendor. They can also read reviews about the Android version on forums dedicated to mobile applications.

Users who want to subscribe to XNSPY for iPhone should follow the same procedure. They can also visit application review sites and check the rave iPhone reviews over there.


XNSPY Install

Installing XNSPY on Android-based phones is quite simple once you have the target phone in your hand. Once you have purchased a subscription after completing the form on the vendor’s website, go to settings in the smartphone, from there go to security, and tick the box that allows installation of applications from unauthorized sites. Now use the smartphone to browse to XNSPY’s website and click on the download link to initiate the XNSPY app download and installation process. Once the installation is complete, restore the security settings to its original parameters.

XNSPY has several modules such as:
• Whatsapp
• Snapchat
• Facebook

Those who have no faith in this review should visit the vendor’s website and try the XNSPY demo available over there. The XNSPY cost depends on the type of subscription you select. The basic version costs $8.33 per month and the premium version is $12.49 for the same period.

As this app does not show on the list of running or installed applications, the targeted person will have no idea about it. The Android application performs tasks such as:

• GPS location tracking
• Web browsing monitoring
• Multimedia inspection
• Call logs monitoring
• Reading text message (incoming and outgoing)
• Access IM chats

The iOS app offers:
• Option to view installed apps
• iCoud backup alert
• GPS tracker
• IM Chat Spy
• Phone logs spy


XNSPY iOS Installation

Installing XNSPY for iPhone is slightly different. The vendor’s website contains details of functions marked for no jailbreak. The others will only work with a jailbreak… meaning you have to jailbreak the target iPhone prior to installation. Visit the website of the vendor to find the full features. Install the XNSPY app today and keep an invisible eye on your employees and kids.

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